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Christmas 2013 007 (2)

It’s Christmas week – the countdown to the big day.

It’s a different sort of Christmas holiday.  My uncle/godfather passed away in early September and my grieving aunt/godmother won’t be celebrating Christmas in the usual fashion this year.  My mom hasn’t been feeling great and since her grandson robbed her of copious amounts of money and caused her other expense through damage to her car, etc. she’s not shopping ’til she’s dropping  this year either.

At my house things are a bit lean because I haven’t been working these past few months – partly by choice – so you won’t find me jockeying for a parking space at the mall.  My focus is on cleaning and decorating our home and preparing yummy holiday meals over the next few days.

Our beautiful Christmas tree is up in the living room and my dining room table is dressed festively for the holiday but my thoughts have been elsewhere.  Besides interviewing for a new job which is the exciting and uplifting part, my former brother in law was buried last week – dying from cancer at the much too young age of 51.

Still working on finishing up the tree trimming and pulling out some favorite decorations, I learned yesterday that my neighbor’s college freshman son passed away in his sleep some time between Thursday night and Friday morning.  There are no words. Each family on our court knows that it could have been any one of us to lose a promising young child one week before Christmas.

If there was ever a year when the “true meaning of Christmas” forced its way to the forefront, when I realized that all of the traditions are wonderful but the people are the important thing, when I’m so very thankful for the multitude of blessings in my life – family, home & hearth plus so many wonderful friends all around–it’s this one.

Merry Christmas to everyone who touches my life.  May your celebrations be filled with love and laughter.  Please focus on all that you have – whether you feel that it’s a whole lot or not quite enough – be thankful.

The fact that you ran out of green ribbon before you got the last gift wrapped is just not important.





  1. Thank you for writing this and helping me to be grounded. I tend to get lost during Christmas, trying to do so much with so little and not being satisfied with what I have done.
    You are so right, being in the present is so important, because who knows what the future will have for us ?

    • Hi Susie, I’m glad my little story helped you stay grounded. Please do focus on all that you’ve accomplished as far as getting ready for Christmas and all you mean to the loved ones with whom you’ll be celebrating!! I hope your day is merry and bright!!

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