Last Minute Gifts-Buy Art!

CJ’s Online Gallery  Most of my paintings are shown on this online gallery site.

I’m still working on the new art website The C-Sweet Mixed Media Art and have many more photos to add.  Right now my bricks and mortar gallery is the upstairs hallway in my home – lots of bare wall space and it gets them off the floor and hanging!!

Also still working on linking all of the online places I’ve posted pics of my paintings and collages –this is all going to be centralized and linked and prettied up soon, very soon.

In the meantime, there’s one last thing – my Society 6 page – where you can purchase prints of my work – framed or unframed – along with cool merchandise like cell phone cases, greeting cards, and even t-shirts!

Check it out if you have some last minute shopping to do:

Buy Cynde’s Art!




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