Energy Card “Woman Holding Heart”

from Sandra Anne Taylors's energy oracle cards deck
from Sandra Anne Taylors’s energy oracle cards deck

Today I decided that we’re reverting back to oracle cards, mainly because I promised one of my fellow house moms/chaperons that I’d do a card reading for her and we were too rushed and busy to ever sit down and do it.  Actually, other than on the soccer fields we didn’t have any opportunity to sit next to one another and converse.

So I did a card reading for myself and then I drew a card for Jackie – this one’s for you bay-beeeee……

#44 Woman Holding a Heart – from Sandra Anne Taylor’s Energy Oracle Card Deck. and the caption reads “Female Dealing with Family, Love or Emotions”

This card reflects a state of peaceful emotion and receptivity for love or it could be a message that family issues are going to resolve.  You’re an intuitive woman who understands the emotions of life and you’re bringing that awareness to all that you do.

The affirmation that goes with this card is “I am emotionally calm and peaceful, and I attract healthy and stable people to me.” 



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