Today is an energy oracle card and it is: CONTRACT

Contract Card #6 from Sandra Anne Taylor's energy oracle cards deck.
Contract Card #6 from Sandra Anne Taylor’s energy oracle cards deck.

Before doing anything else today I decided to pull a card to post this morning and I drew:  CONTRACT from Sandra Ann Taylor’s Energy Oracle Cards deck.  The number associated with this card is 6.

When I say I pulled this card what actually happened is that while I was shuffling the deck the card jumped out and landed face up in an upside-down position. So when I card picks itself for you, you just go with it and for purposes of this deck when the card is in the upside-down or reverse position there’s a different meaning to it.

So the CONTRACT card in reverse means signals the end of a previous connection or the delay or disappointment concerning a future commitment.  However, the delay may provide some purpose or protection – or something even better might be on its way so don’t despair.

The key is to not let yourself become desperate about it because your needy, urgent energy could possibly postpone the desired outcome even further.  Instead, take positive action, even if it’s in a different direction and your patience will pay off.

In the event of the breakup of a romantic relationship, keep in mind that you deserve to be honored so hold off to offer your life to someone who is willing to be fully present and loving.  When you honor yourself you’ll attract the person who will honor you accordingly.

As far as the number 6 is concerned don’t worry or obsess about material things especially money.  Worry lowers the effectiveness of your prayers – remember from yesterday the faith thing…..worry is an indicator of wavering or lack of faith.

Have a wonderful day.


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