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Good Morning!

I sold some stuff.

Sunflower painting  - Acrylic on wood panel.  8 x 16.
Sunflower painting – Acrylic on wood panel. 8 x 16.

First, to let you know the reason I’m posting this photo of my Sunflowers Painting – although I haven’t been doing any art marketing to speak of, someone wandered onto my Society 6 page ( and purchased a Sunflower throw pillow – I made a whole $2 on the transaction but the value is that it pleases me greatly to know that someone liked my artwork enough to want to have the image hanging around on their sofa or front porch rocker or whatever.  Thank you dear customer, whoever you are!!!!!

Did I already say that sold 8 pieces when I had the art show and sale back in May?  I sold an additional piece the following weekend – to someone who was unable to make the show – so a total of 9 pieces plus the commission for the big, subject to be revealed soon, painting on wood for my friend Nichole.

Working with Angel Guides & Ascended Masters

Over a year ago I posted about Archangel Raphael and it was about that time I got really interested in him, the other Archangels, and angel guides and ascended masters in general.  I recently purchased several decks of oracle cards to work with – specifically Archangel cards, Love cards, and Mother Mary cards.  I’ve been doing a reading for myself every few days or so and recording the results in a journal and thought I’d start pulling a card each day to post and write about here on the blog as well.  This is fascinating stuff and ties to the law of attraction & manifesting and makes oh so much sense to me but the best part is that it’s terrific for getting centered and grounded and releasing anxiety, and confidence in decision-making — really life changing.

Today’s Message is From the Mother Mary deck which came in the mail yesterday.

I’ve already opened the deck and handled all the cards to transfer my energy to them and then I pulled 3 cards for myself.  Now, I’m pulling a card specifically for readers of my blog – here goes…

From Doreen Virtue’s Mother Mary deck I pulled the card:

SOBRIETY  A clear mind is easily able to focus and concentrate.

The message:  Mother Mary supports your intention to have a chemical-free lifestyle.  She can guide your detox process and support you in choosing sobriety, one day at a time.

A clear, sober mind is better able to concentrate during meditation and prayer in the same way that a sober driver can better steer in a straight line. Your prayers for help in this regard can also reduce or even eliminate cravings for unhealthful substances so that sobriety is a pleasant and peaceful choice.  Mother Mary’s love will give you the feelings of comfort, bliss, and love that you once sought through substances.

Study the image as well as it may hold a special message or meaning for you l .  (Sorry it’s not very clear – I went with getting it done and posted vs. stalling to get the perfect pic).

Now remember, even if you read the title of the card and thought, “well that doesn’t apply to me because I’m not an alcoholic or drug addict”, it’s also possible to become addicted to many different things with the effect that our minds are clouded and we aren’t functioning fully in the here and now, in the moment if you will.  I emphasize many because it can be a video game, gambling, sex, obsession with another person or people, money, power….I’m sure you can think of many more – and if you do please post them in the comments below!MM Sobriety Card

That’s all for today!

xo fromthecsweet


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