How Lame, and I Call Myself a Blogger?

For a very long time I was afraid to look but I just did  – I haven’t blogged since last August (2014) and that was a post to bitch about stuff that was irking me that day and I hadn’t posted way before then….

So here’s the scoop.  Life is crazy busy with working full time, music lessons, sports practices and managing the soccer team.  Then there’s my art – making it, marketing it, taking classes, etc.  (Yeah, yeah, I’ll rest when I’m dead just like Warren Zevon – may he rest in peace, I loved that man!)

However I’ve had an idea brewing for a few weeks… of the many positive outcomes of my First Ever Private Art Show & Sale – held on May 17, 2015 right here in Potomac Falls, VA at Lucia’s Italian Ristorante, was that I took a commission to paint a large piece for a friend of mind and we’re both very excited and I’m ready to start and so I asked her if she was interested in following the progress of the piece as I worked on it and she said yes….still with me?  And so I’m going to document the work in progress here on the blog as a way of getting myself back in the old blog posting groove….we can call it CJ Gets Her Groove Back for the 99th or 100th Time – I’ve totally lost count.

So stay tuned because later on I’m going to take photos of this huge canvas/board thing that I’ll be painting and working on and then take and post pics throughout to show progress on the piece.

Anywhere USA Cityscape
Anywhere USA Cityscape

If you’re wondering about the subject matter of this painting you’ll just have to keep reading…..

Bye for Now,



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