Job Search Chronicle: The ADD Way

NinjaToday started out in a fairly organized fashion and I thought it wouldn’t require much on my feet thinking to sort out what needed to be done.  Well that was true of this morning and when my lunch appointment asked to reschedule that was fine too because I had something that needed doing and sending to someone who was waiting for the information.

I got the morning stuff done and got the work and the sending to someone else done and then even did a little painting this afternoon.  Now, just a few hours later my mind is reeling with all of the things I still need to get done.  The mind-reeling thing is like the kiss of death for the ADD’er because sifting through tasks and prioritizing doesn’t come naturally.  It’s bad enough when you’re on your own but when you have kids tugging on your skirt for things and a household to run well that’s where it gets tricky.

Today was like a brief feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing a task within the time frame I’d designated for myself and then stepping off a ledge into an endless void. Not only did I accomplish the primary task, I went a step further and sent off an email to a recruiting contact at a firm where I spied a posting for a job that I’m very interested in –  (This brings to mind some other thoughts on deciding what jobs are very interesting vs. the jobs that you’re capable of doing but aren’t all that excited about. Narrowing it down becomes the hardest part and the topic for another Job Search Chronicle posting in the very near future).

Back to today, I caught myself before I went into stress mode and thought about the most immediate need – tonight’s dinner.  After running back and forth all day I had no energy for grocery shopping or even driving very far so I drove up the street to the restaurant where I’ve been working part-time and picked up some frozen ravioli to make at home and a large caesar salad.  Immediate mission accomplished.

Next, I poured a glass of wine (LOL, of course I did) and sat down to make a list of things I wanted to get done tomorrow.  The first thing I realized was that I have a hard stop at noon because I accepted an invitation from my mortgage broker to attend a networking lunch at which she’s the featured speaker.  My thinking:  Looking for job + networking lunch = nothing but good things can come of it.  

So ok tomorrow, like today, will require an early start to shower, dress, head out for gas and groceries and to exchange some shorts our resident Princess bought in the wrong size with the birthday money had been burning a hole in her pocket since last week.  My thinking: The fact that she doesn’t have the correct size shorts means that she has “NOTHING” to wear to school tomorrow is a subject for another thread on an entirely different day.

What does all of this mishegas* have to do with the Job Search Chronicle?  Well it turns out, and you will have to follow this closely as it ties back to earlier information, that the job that I saw posted that rang my bell was a Human Resources Compliance Partner role with a local company.  A big snore (ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz)  you might be thinking, but here I’ll say it, I mean I’ll put it in writing:  Compliance work is very interesting and satisfying to me.  Call me an HR geek or a nerd or a SHRM* Shrew but it’s a fact – I enjoy compliance work.  

So I’d seen this job posting and reached out to a former colleague who worked for the company in the past.  He replied with the name of his former colleague from there who happens to work in the recruiting function.  Here’s where I’m not that proud of my performance – I didn’t send the email to the contact right away.  In my own defense I was experiencing the relapse of the sinus infection/bad cough and feeling not so great but still I have mouths to feed.  Ok, so today I got that done.

Also tying in to the Job Search Chronicle is the fact that until I spotted that job posting for an HR compliance role I hadn’t given a thought to focusing on finding this type of job.  Hmmmmm.  I was sort of resigned….I told myself I was ready to go back to recruiting and maybe I am for the right situation.  But this compliance job popped up on my radar I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  Which ties into another Job Search Chronicle connection – I was contacted by a firm that produces training webinars on compliance topics relevant to various industries aka GRC – Governance, Risk Management & Compliance….yeah baby!  I’ve been invited to be a speaker on a relevant human resources topic and I had to submit a data sheet about the topic, who should attend, a personal profile, oh, and the signed contract.  (More on this in another post addressing the power of attraction and my desire for an HR compliance job).

*mishegas:  Yiddish- Insanity or craziness. A meshugener is a crazy man. If you want to insult someone, you can ask them, ”Does it hurt to be crazy?” Source:

SHRM* – Society for Human Resource Management….need I say more?

If you know me you probably followed this post with absolutely no trouble.  If you’ve never spoken to me face-to-face you may have had to go back and re-read quite a bit.  I thought that putting my sidebar thoughts in a different font color would help with the confusion in that someone could read through skipping the blue part and then go back for the little tidbits, LOL.




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