Job Search Chronicle

Ok, so I’ll be focusing on finding either a full-time job or a permanent part-time role and I decided to share the strategy and planning as well as the progress of my search.  Here is the rough outline I just threw together which is loosely based on the phases leading up to getting the search going and its progression.  My starting point will assume there is an updated resume put together and ready to be sent out.  

Rather than being a check-list of things to be sure to do when looking for a job, each blog post with go into detail about the thinking that should go into each of the steps.  My insights will, of course, be based on personal experience as well as my almost 20 years in the recruiting and human resources realm.

  • The Challenges – choosing among the available opportunities, making time to work on the search consistently
  • The Available Opportunities
  • The Evaluation Criteria
  • What I’ll focus on
  • How things are progressing

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