Being a Light in the World, thanks Dear Kitty

being-a-light-in-the-world1Petrel41 of Dear Kitty has been so kind to nominate From the C-Sweet for the “Being a Light in the World” Award; a new award created by Barbara of the blog idealisticrebel.

Barbara writes about it:

I’m creating this Award to celebrate all those wonderful people in the World who spread Light, and Love and Hope and Peace in the name of All. These bloggers should consistently promote these qualities and work to be a force for peace and light in the world.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Thank the person who gives you the award
  2. Spread this award around to the people who you know who are doing this work, so that the work continues and the light is spread
  3. Let your nominees know
  4. Never give up on your fellow human beings

My nominees are:

  1. Russel Ray Photos
  2. cindy knoke
  3. Laurie Buchanan
  4. Angeline M
  5. Wiley Schmidt

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All these things?? Well, what to say … THANK YOU!




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