I am Office Services

I’m a volunteer at my son’s middle school. Every week I come in to make photocopies for the 6th grade math department. This is a job for which I’m eminently qualified bases on my years of experience in office services while both an undergrad and graduate student at Widener University.
Today I’m working on thick packets of math stuff that will be on the VA Math SOL exams.
It’s a typical day in the copy room. I’ve noticed that I now make myself at home here knowing that it’s sometimes a long haul to get 140 60-page packets copied stapled and 3-hole punched.
On this fine afternoons partner is the Xerox WorkCentre 5890. I arrived earlier to find that someone had attempted to clear a paper jam and couldn’t get all the inside knobs and levers back into alignment and so the front door would not close. This is NOT good copy room etiquette and even tho I’m well equipped to handle a technical snafu such as this, I found it annoying.
Once I had my partner up and running I sat down to work on something else and after a bit noticed that Ms. Xerox was saying something to me over and over. I listened a bit longer and yes, it’s unmistakable…she’s saying Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate. She’s repeating the word Chocolate with every piece of paper she spits out.
Knowing I can’t feed Chocolate into Ms. Xerox because she’s far too hot, lol, I’m guessing she’s reminding me to buy my Easter candy while there’s still a selection to be had. What do you think?
And speaking if which, have you seen or tried the new JUMBO M&M’s. They’re kind of cool and very tasty!




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