The Defendant’s Mother

De Meng MythologyI promised to write about the Defendant at some point but first I wanted to say a few things to you about the Defendant’s mother.  What’s on my mind right now about the Defendant’s Mother (DM) is based on a conversation I had yesterday with the detective on this case.  It was more like he talked and I listened b/c I was very interested in what he had to say about this whole mess and in particular how the DM is handling herself, and what that means for the Defendant’s case.

It is the opinion of the detective that the DM is pushing for a trial in the case even though the Defendant pleaded guilty because she believes this is all about her.  Specifically, she believes this is a personal vendetta against her due to my intense dislike of her which is due to, well, her.  I find this to be nothing short of astounding given the very lives of two people very important to both of us had been on the line here.  One’s life still is on the line here, the Defendant’s.

I’m not sensationalizing this–the Defendant stole from my mother to the extent that she was unable to pay her taxes, have her nonworking furnace repaired, or afford medical care.  If that’s not her existence at stake then I don’t know what existence at stake looks like.  Her entire retirement nest egg was wiped out and she’s living on Social Security and her pension – may the saints be praised that she had a pension and it’s funded!  Her retiree benefits had already been scaled back by her former employer so what’s really CERTAIN these days anyway?  Death?  Check.  Taxes?  Check.  That’s about it.

So the DM thinks this whole having the Criminal/Defendant arrested is akin to my lobbying votes for her opponent in last year’s “Queen of the Philadelphia Flower Show” run. To that I’ll say “Good Job.”

About as good a job as you did pushing your oldest offspring out of the nest when you decided to have a second litter with a new baby daddy.  If the goal is to keep your son in prison and make yourself look as foolish as possible then carry on Flower Queen, carry on.  And the universe, as you see it, will continue to revolve around you and things will be just fine as long as no one challenges or criticizes you because that would be downright MEAN.

And to not end this post on a downer I’d like to thank profoundly the Director and staff of Delaware County’s Senior Victim Services agency as well as the fine detectives who work out of Delco’s Criminal Investigative Department’s Senior Exploitation Unit.  Apparently they feel that punishing the person who committed the crimes against my mother is a rather serious matter and not a personal vendetta and have worked and continue to work diligently to ensure that my mother’s life returns to some semblance of normalcy and order.  God Bless them all and God help you!


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