And I’m Still Painting…and Blogging

Nice weekend off! Nice weather and I cleaned the kitchen on Friday afternoon meaning that on Saturday morning I woke to a neat CLEAN kitchen with no clutter whatsoever. It was so nice I think I’ll do that again this week – for sure!!

Pineapple JoyMaybe my spirits were buoyed because I got to drive the TD HUMMER that afternoon.  I’ve had my sights set on driving that thing since I first laid eyes on it several years ago.  But I’ll certainly settle for any time I get to drive the Hummer to pick up the kids after school and bring them back to Tiger Den.  Another little part-time job that fell into my lap, TD needed a substitute car pool driver and I was available so I’ve done it a few days so far and will be doing it most days this week. 

My 3rd little part-time job is teaching an ASAP class at our elementary school.  I decided to offer Doodle Art for Kids and have it open to all grade levels and viola, I got a nearly full class of 18 students.  Nice work if  you can get it. Thursday will be our 4th class and the halfway point for me and my young doodlers.  




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