The Heat Is…..NOT On

Continuing on the theme of “My Life as Reality Show”, with snow in the forecast of several inches to potential “Snowmageddon II” of course our furnace would go on the blink.  Turns out our furnace, installed in 2007, was designed to to fail after a number of years.  No need to get technical here but a fuse thingy that goes into a certain part that costs about $400 to replace blows so after calling the HVAC repair service, the rocket scientist did some research online and learned about this feature of this heating unit.  We decided to play the odds and order a part for one day delivery – assuming the delivery wouldn’t be on Sunday and with the snow on the way – that was the gamble.

So here’s the snow.  The kids, happier to be cold at home than warm at school, are home in the chilly house.  The rocket scientist has tracked the package to our local post office so it is truly on the way.  We’re just waiting for the postman at this point.  While we’re waiting I think I’ll go put a piece of pork into the oven to pre-cook for later use in a batch of stir fried rice.  Maybe a batch of cookies to warm up the kitchen with the oven on…..

ImageRight now I’m fairly warm with my bathrobe on over my clothes and under the covers with my laptop and the fat gray cat snuggled next to me but my extremities are definitely feeling the chill….my nose and fingers very cold and I can tell you that finger-less gloves DO make a difference!!  Image


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  1. ooooh ooooh, update update – the part arrived mid-day and the heat has been back on for several hours. The part in question is a Thermistor and the rocket scientist was genius to order a spare in case there’s a next time. They are just under $40 each so he saved us big time by fixing the furnace for 1/10th of the cost……Go Jeff!

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