Pork Fried Rice

I’m not working full time right now and my part time job pays so little let’s just say I’m doing it “for fun” (and it is so…) and around the house I’ve been applying a “loaves and fishes” approach to dinner.  That is, I scope out what’s in the freezer, fridge and pantry and try to come up with something different to make using the ingredients on hand.

Get it….I scrounge around to see what I find and make so much more out of it – the loaves and fishes thing?

Like White on Rice!
Like White on Rice!

Anyway, using up a boatload of cooked rice I accidentally over-ordered a few days ago when we had Chinese food I made pork fried rice for the first time and it was a huge hit with my kids.  Who knew?

The little mongrels started out unenthusiastic about the menu.  For starters, my son announced “what’s the plan for dinner, b/c if there isn’t one I recommend burgers”. To which I replied, “I’m making pork fried rice” and his immediate response was “Next!”.

Pissed me right off.  So then I put a large bowl full of the finished product on the table and my daughter just sat there while father and son were helping themselves and after a few moments of that she asked “So this is the dinner?”  Love them little babies that came outta me, yes I do!!

So by the time dinner was over my boy mongrel was loving on it esp b/c I saved him the bones from the pork chops to gnaw on, and girl mongrel was asking if I’d please make it again soon.


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