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go to jailI love to write.  I love storytelling.  I love irony. I love to make people laugh and smile.  I love the concept of blogging.

I’m also a perfectionist.  And that is why I “save” my blogging for when I have something really awesome and cool to write about.  Intellectually I know that is not the point and so while it’s important to actually have something to say when you write up a blog post the Earth doesn’t necessarily have to move for people when they read it.

Here’s a funny one….if being a perfectionist means that I’m waiting until I totally have my shit together in order to write about how I totally have my shit together, well my 1,000 followers will be waiting until hell freezes over for that precious day to arrive.  And so here the other thing that occurred to me is that when I don’t have a funny Fernando the Wonder Dog story or a silly, totally not acting my age drinking story, my readers would probably find it interesting to hear about the challenges of the day and how I handled them.  I mean that’s what human interest is, right?  (Some) people are interested in what others are up to and how they handle themselves in certain circumstances.

So here I am in the midst of one of my stream of consciousness pieces and I’ll close by saying that I was up north earlier in the week to be there for my Mom as she testified as a witness for the State in a “State vs. Defendant” preliminary hearing to determine whether the State had made the case for holding the Defendant over for trial on the various charges that had been brought against him for offenses against my mother over a period of too many years.

It’s about a 3 hour drive and that takes a lot out of me first thing in the morning as does sitting in court waiting for the proceedings to begin but not as much out of me as listening to a jackass that I’ve known very well over the years cross-examine my Mom on behalf of the Defendant, trying to make her sound like a batty old lady.  But enough about the toll on me..the upshot of the day was that the Honorable Judge Davis ruled that the State had made its prima facie case against the Defendant and the Defendant would stand trial on all charges.


pri·ma fa·ci·e

[prahy-muh fey-shee-ee, fey-shee, fey-shuh, pree-] 



at first appearance; at first view, before investigation.

plain or clear; self-evident; obvious.
And so it goes,  after years of being victimized – made mentally and physically sick from being manipulated and stolen from and virtually being held prisoner in her own home by someone she loves dearly, my trooper of a Mom gave her testimony and was none the worse for it afterward…although the jackass attorney did get on her nerves.  And I have my Mom back.  The funny, sweet, sarcastic, relaxed, beautiful, generous Mom…..she’s back.  A giant weight has been lifted off her little shoulders and while she has to live with the fact that someone she loves, cared for, gave to, etc. victimized her and for all intents and purposes ruined her retirement years is now in prison because she had finally had enough, she has her life back.  Her own life to live the way she chooses, her money to spend how she chooses, her car to drive as she chooses…and it’s a wonderful thing to see.
As for the Defendant well we’ll address him on another day.


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