Raphael the Guardian Angel, Ninja Turtle, Funny Guy – Part II

archangel raphaelSo in my previous Archangel Raphael post I told you guys about the signs that may appear when St. Raphael is at work in our lives.  This was the same post where I said my friend Donna had learned that Raphael was her guardian angel….

Well here’s what happened to me today.  I took a drive out to Middleburg with a friend to check out a potential business opportunity.  We got some new information that made the potential seem even more exciting.  As we got back into the car and drove off I turned to my friend and said, “I believe the Universe is beginning to send the right things our way.”  Her reply: “Well there’s your sign” and she was pointing to the car ahead.  I sped up to see the license plate which read “CHIN UP”

I do believe that was Raphael talking to us.



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