Raphael the Guardian Angel, Ninja Turtle, Funny Guy

Guardian Angel, Ninja Turtle, Funny Guy

I can’t recall where the suggestion came from but the idea is to ask your guardian angel its name and he or she will give you a name. I did it, so did my daughter. The other night I was with 3 friends and I asked them to try it that night. One of the friends told me that when she asked she saw the name “Raphael” on a flat screen TV. Her reaction was “oh, so I don’t get a guardian angel, I get a Ninja Turtle?????”
We had a good laugh and it turns out she is the ninja. Actually, when she takes her daily walk around the track she dresses in all black down to the watch cap and big sunglasses so her sister calls her a ninja. We laugh a lot.
Later that night she did a little research on ARCHangel Raphael and learned that there are 8 signs that Saint Raphael is near and working on your behalf. The are –
sparkly green light
license plates
announcing himself as “Angel”
books about healing
song lyrics
whispered suggestions in your ear

Well turtles are green and Raphael’s name appeared to my friend on a flat screen TV. There was also a message in a television commercial – a key word practically shouted out at her – that she heard while pondering all of this.
Try it – ask your guardian angel to share his name with you. Ask any time or ask when you’re saying your prayers before bed. Come back and leave me a comment to let us all know what you find out.
My guardian angel’s name is Elizabeth. My daughter’s angel is Isaac. Another friend’s angel is Alex. Then there’s Raphael – he let himself be known in a more dramatic way than all the others. I’m still waiting to hear back from my 3rd friend about this. I hope she has a good story!



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