Heroin – It Is An Epidemic

Heroin – It Is An Epidemic

This is the first in a series of articles about the horrors of heroin addiction written by a good friend of mine who is a journalist in my home town.  Even after reading the entire series I felt that heroin is a drug that other kids from other families, other kinds of families, get into. I didn’t feel this in a superior or holier than thou way I guess I just felt that heroin is a drug of desperation.  The drug of choice for those who’d been abandoned by the rest of the world.

Just one week later I learned that my own nephew is addicted to heroin and so is the mother of his five month old son.  The rest of the details are painful and personal but this young man, my godson has systematically stolen thousands of dollars in cash and property from his grandmother to support his habit and his girlfriend’s.  He’s known by local authorities as “a big-time thief”.

I’m sharing because I feel it’s important to put this message out….heroin addiction and the sick, horrifying, expensive, heartbreaking effects that follow it are right here in our midst.  Someone you know, maybe even someone in your family is addicted or knows someone who’s addicted or has died from an overdose.  It’s all around us and we ALL need to take it seriously.  This is not an opportunity to judge other people for going off track or to blame their parents for poor parenting.  This is a life and death matter and it has no qualms crossing socioeconomic lines and going into bad neighborhoods or the very best neighborhoods.  I promise you that if you are in a position to do any little thing to help someone dealing with heroin addiction get help you won’t regret it but if you turn a blind eye you’ll be living with the outcome for the rest of your life.  Read the series – it’s all in there.



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