It All Started with a Carafe

It All Started with a Carafe

The bartender said, you could have this glass of wine for $8.50 or you could have this drum of dirty sock water for $14. Ok, he didn’t say that but he should have because I went for the carafe and that’s what it tasted like.

Once he’d poured this large volume of sock juice I figured I couldn’t rightly ask for a different vintage, right? So I tried in earnest (yes, I said in EARNEST) but to no avail. Not one to learn a lesson the easy way, I jumped on the barkeep’s suggestion of his specialty “Long Island Iced Tea”. How to ruin a glass of what’s 95% alcohol? Yup, he did it.

No need to elaborate. Lesson learned. This isn’t a restaurant critique but I must say the pizza was so-so. Good crust but no need to cook the hell out of that spinach before you put it on the pie. It was soggy. Maybe that’s the wine and the liquor concoction and the soggy spinach the regulars favor and I’ll leave them to it. I won’t be going back.



  1. … holding dirty sox and mumbling “wine or wash? wine or wash?” sounds like something I would do. Then laugh about it for the next 3 weeks every time I thought about it… Gotta keep laughin’, girl!

  2. No, sober as a judge here…..I’m just not going back….to each his own, ya know? The bartender was nice and he tried he really tried…..and as I gathered up whites to do some laundry I laughed b/c there I stood with a handful of dirty socks from my son’s hamper, LOL….do laundry/make “wine”….do laundry/ make “wine”, LOL

  3. Ok, was that the sock water talking? 🙂
    Sounds pretty dreadful; there is nothing so bad as trying to soldier through a bad glass or drum of wine; I’ve grown ruthless when it comes to this, and if it’s bad, back it goes, I don’t care in what quantity I’ve ordered.

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