Yes, I’m Crazy….Is That Bad????

oz3 Oz2 Oz1Yes, I'm Crazy....Is That Bad????

My Mom had two cats that were adopted by her grandson who was living with her until recently. I fell in love with one of the cats….ok, it was mutual, and brought him home with me so that Mom would have one less mouth to feed. She had said numerous times that she was not particularly bonded to this one…his name is Oscar…..he’s been with me since New Years Day. I decided that my pet name for him is Ozzie. Mom said he’s a Russian Blue and from the pics I’ve seen on the ‘net I have to believe that he is.
He’s quite handsome and very friendly and gentle however unlike other cats he is not interested in toys and playing or chasing things. He likes to rest. Reclining is his favorite position. He’s aggravated my allergies a bit but my allergies are something I’ve learned to live with over the years. Much better after the first night. Fernando the Wonder Dog (FTWD) has no idea that a feline has taken up residence in his residence…..I have a feeling Ozzie will be able to handle himself in any case. He is a furry, purry bundle of sweet kitty love….
Why the reference to crazy? We already have 3 dogs (all spirited Boxers), two fish,and a mouse…..I’m choosing not to list the squirrel who suddenly thought he was a pet and started visiting (and peeing) on my front porch.
fyi – squirrel pee is dark red….#IJS


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