Time for Another Giveaway~Leave a Comment for a Chance to Win

When my blog reached the milestone 1,000 followers I celebrated with my followers by holding a drawing for one of my paintings which my dear friend from high school, Kim Moretti Feeley, was delighted to win…and that thrilled me.  So as we approach the milestone 10,000 milestone total views ever for my blog I’m giving away another piece of art.  As before, if you leave a comment on this post…I’m not gonna tell you what to write but hopefully you’ll either congratulate me on the 10,000 views or, as I expect from my Chester friends, ask pointedly why I’m too lazy to blog regularly…or maybe comment “comment”?  

Those who have commented between now and the time I get to that magical 10,000 views milestone will qualify to have their names entered for a drawing to win one of my paintings.  Tomorrow I’ll announce which painting and post a picture.  

Happy Commenting and thank you as always for all of your support!!





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