The world is my stage

Today I met the neighborhood “framing guy” – a lovely retired gentleman who lives with is wife in the over-55 community up the street. Lovely gentleman is “semi-retired” now after owning and running 5 hobby and frame shops in our area. Now his frame shop is in his garage and my friend VA Shawn took me over there this afternoon to meet him. I brought one of my paintings – the one on paper that I did a while ago and really wanted to get framed correctly before it met with some disaster (Seafood Anyone?) and I also took my portfolio of drawings and some of the little collages and paintings I’m doing on the re-purposed Mass Cards. In the short time we were there lovely gentleman suggested mat combinations for the big painting, measured and worked up a price, discussed with us the benefit of always going with archival quality mats vs. paper, and came up with a kick-ass idea for displaying my Mass Card art….I can’t wait to experiment with his suggestions and of course I’ll post pics but here’s a hint…for this one with the funky 3-D mask he whipped out a purple suede mat……nuff said?


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