Getting my Social Media On….Weaving It All Together

So I have this blog – 

Then I have a FB page called From the C-Sweet

Then I’ve made fine art prints of my paintings available for purchase on 

Now I’m preparing for a trip to Connecticut for five fun filled days of workshops, art networking, art fun and art silliness.

This is a huge deal – hundreds of artists gathered together in one hotel for five whole days of living, breathing, talking, and making art.  

I’ve written about my preparations for this trip – gathering all of my art supplies and other materials for each of the 5 classes, making sure I have what I’ll need for each one, printing out the agenda, teacher bios, etc.  My blog posts are promoted on my FB page, my From the C-Sweet FB page, plus Twitter, Google+, and a few others….LinkedIn. 

I’m also a member of a Yahoo discussion group especially for attendees of this workshop next month.  That’s what gave me the idea to write about my preparations for the upcoming retreat – specifically what I did differently (mainly better I think) than last time.  Rather than writing to the group I invited the group to visit my blog and read there.

One last thing, I’ve budgeted a little money to boost my posts on the FB page and so far I’ve seen the number of “Likes” trending up slowly but solidly.  

I guess I’m putting all of this out there to say “here’s what I did” to others who are thinking about or in the process of trying to develop their brand; to elicit suggestions for other things I could have done or how I might have done this differently to make it better, and just because I like to feel connected to all of you.





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