Gorgeous Day for Soccer but for Hurricane Kate

English: Hurricane Kate from NOAA 9. Inventory...
English: Hurricane Kate from NOAA 9. Inventory ID: NSS.HRPT.NF.D85324.S1950.E2003.B0484444 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Last year's photo
Last year’s photo

No I don’t have a photo from today.  In the old days when kids in sports was a new thing for me I never stopped shooting photos.  These days, today especially, I was sitting off to the side in the shade vs. with the other parents.  Kate had a good game – she came out really strong with two goals before the other team realized they needed to guard her closely and from that point on they made it more difficult.  That might have been the extent of the scoring for the Cavalry but for the fact that late in the game the other goalie botched punting the ball and lost sight of it.  Kate zoomed in and kicked it into the net.  All in a day’s work for her.  My little girl plays with all her heart!  My Hurricane Kate!!


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