Follow on to Street Tea Mosaic w/ Eggplant Parm recipe

Striped Eggplants at Menlo Park Farmers Market
Striped Eggplants at Menlo Park Farmers Market (Photo credit: Muy Yum)

To follow up on my crazy Daily Prompt post Street Tea Mosaic, I did create some art while I was at my favorite house in New Tripoli, PA.  I prepped some little boards to work on later and I did a little mixed media thing with paint and some shells and some pics of flowers.  I also did a small painting of sunflowers for my friend Anet which I neglected to take a pic of before I left.  And I keep forgetting to ask her to do it for me.

On another front, I raided the veggie garden before I left and brought home a beautiful purple and white striped eggplant which I turned into eggplant parmesan on Monday night.  I used a recipe that called for pre-cooking the breaded eggplant slices in the oven vs frying, which I loved for a variety of reasons including I don’t do well with frying breaded things and there was no greasy taste whatsoever.  I really loaded that bad boy with mozzarella cheese and even picky Kate loved it.  Here’s the link for the recipe:  Note well:  read the comments/reviews – they contain important info about cooking the eggplant.  I sort of broke my own rule and half ass sweated the slices with sea salt.  I only did one side and only for about 10 mins.  I also did not rinse and dry them I just wiped them off….result – maybe a little too salty on top of the salt in the sauce and in the cheese.  But the most important thing is definitely rub the baking sheet down with EVOO before baking the breaded eggplant slices on it and definitely increase the cooking time and/or raise the oven temp.  I found that even 7 min. a side at 350 degrees wasn’t cooking them enough to a nice golden brown.  Just don’t lose your place here and let them burn!

I also brought a small quantity of fresh herbs and knowing I wouldn’t use them right away I froze them in little cups of water then unmolded them and threw in a plastic bag.  So now I’m ready with a ton of fresh parsley when i get that urge to make a fresh pot of chicken soup, two kinds of basil for a pot of tomato sauce, and some fennel just in case the spirit moves me to cook with fennel, LOL.

I haven’t painted since I got back but I have been drawing/doodling and I believe some of the doodles are going to be patterns for painting on those big glass window panes I have stashed downstairs for this purpose.


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