Pavlova Recipe | SAVEUR

Pavlova Recipe | SAVEUR.

Because I love my readers so very dearly,  I figured I must tack on the closest recipe I could find to match the divine Pavlova Annette made for dessert on Saturday night….and here it is.  I believe this is the actual recipe because the 215° oven sticks in my mind.

The mother of one of my childhood playmates used to make “Forgotten Cookies” which were cookie sized meringues with chocolate chips baked into them.  The name came  from the fact that once the baking time ended you would crack open the oven and then leave them in the oven until completely cooled, in other words forget about them.  Forgotten cookies were always one of my favorites.  When it came to cookies I had many!

The neat thing about the Pavlova if you’re into the forgotten cookie thing and meringue in general (can you ever really eat too much meringue?) is that you make one ginormous, mondo meringue that forms the base of the dessert.  Do not however under any circumstances, stop there!!  Push on my friend and make the lemon curd, mix up the yogurt filling, and slice that fresh fruit.  Such a party in your mouth you have never experienced!  Trust me!!


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