Pavlova Anyone?

Meringue (Photo credit: ahavah=love)

I’d written yesterday that one of our desserts last night was Pavlova.  My dear friends/hosts have been to New Zealand recently and apparently this is the “national dessert” there but Annette has made this yummy treat many times in the past as well…..There’s a back story about a ballerina in a fluffy white dress or gown…and it’s named after her…and it is a big fluffy white dessert – You start out with one big crusty meringue and then there’s a yummy filling and some lemon curd and some kiwi and blueberries…..but she had me at crunchy meringue!!

It was soooo goood and the best part about being a grown up is that we got to polish it off for breakfast this morning!


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