street tea mosaic

Today’s Haphazard Daily Prompt asks us to scribble down the first ten words that come to mind, then pick 3 of them and and that’s the post title….so now I’m to write about street tea mosaic.

This morning as I was walking down my friend’s street thinking about how much I wanted to get back to the house and get busy making some art I was totally focused on the new tile back splash in their kitchen, a mosaic if you will.  My friend is into colored tiles and mosaics like I am and I’d like to paint/create some art for her while I’m here for the


So here I am down by the street with a tall glass of sport tea getting started on my creation. What I’m going to do is brew some small bowls of tea in various strengths to get various tea hues, soak torn bits of paper in the various shades of tea, allow them to dry in the sun on this blacktop near the street, and then play around with the resulting warped, wrinkled, tea stained paper remnants like puzzle pieces to create a street tea mosaic…..I can’t wait to see how this little experiment turns out…..I really feel like doing it now that I’ve dreamed it all up as a result of this Daily Post Challenge!!

I’ve added this gallery of photos which believe it or not included one of those “shot by accident” photos of ….the STREET, and I had taken one of the front of the house which is more like the back of a house except that it faces the street…..but because these are not the most visually pleasing photos you’d ever want to look and and because I know seeing the rear/front view where my car is parked is making you crazed to see what the front/rear of the house looks like…further causing you to wonder what sort of property this exquisite residence might be sitting on… here you go….nearly real time photos coming at you from New Tripoli, PA on this fine day in August… Enjoy!!



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