Please Help Me Choose My New Logo!?!

I decided it’s time to get moving and update this blog as I mentioned the other day, and turn it into a proper website to market my artwork and of course, continue to blog about all of the nonsense I blog about.

The first thing I need to do is choose a logo for the artwork.  I told you I’m getting really serious here.  I was toying with the idea of hiring someone to create the logo but then stumbled upon a free logo designer software site where you create up to 6 designs and then purchase the one you want.  It’s really quite reasonable at $49 but at that moment when I would have had to pull the trigger, cast my vote, in other words enter my credit card number I decided I wanted some input so here we are.  Please vote for the image that “hits” you as representative of me and my art making.

Thank you!!




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