OBX Vacation 2013

Wonderful week in NC.  There were a few things I usually do but didn’t this time and it’s ok….never flew my kite, didn’t soak in the hot tub, never made it to the local produce and fish market to buy fresh seafood to make a feast for one of our dinners, didn’t get to both Mustang Sally’s locations. This year I was underwhelmed by Mustang Sally’s but I think it’s mainly because I’m rather art and art supplies focused right now AND I’ve also recently had two major shopping excursions and scored some really cute stuff.  I think with this trip I’ve now worn everything at least once…..almost everything.

But I did have a blast playing with the little tree frogs by the pool, making art, and floating in the pool.   The best part of any vacation, of course, is watching my babies frolic together in the waves.  I’m blessed with beautiful children who love the beach as much as I do and I find it amazing to watch them jump the waves, throw the football, skim board, and discover living creatures like baby clams and sand crabs. 

I must say that I’ve got this packing thing down to nearly a science.  We really didn’t haul too much extra or unnecessary stuff with us.  Ok, I guess I didn’t to drag the kite with us if I wasn’t committed to flying it but I knew I’d be missing it if I didn’t bring it along.  I was building up to flying that kite, really I was – if we hadn’t had a couple of rainy mornings I’d have spent more time on the beach and the kite would have flown.  As it was I was all too comfy in my new sand chair (by Tommy Bahama via Costco – they’re wonderful and well-made and just WONDERFUL with the two zip pockets – one being insulated and meant to be used as a cooler.  The straps that allow you to carry it backpack style and the little head pillow that’s adjustable with Velcro straps…..Using the pockets for my gear I was able to leave the bulky beach bag at home and rolling the beach towel and carrying it either in the small of your back held down by the chair, or behind the neck I got my little bit of weight bearing exercise in each day as well.  

Artwork from The C-Sweet©
Something I whipped up while sitting by the pool
A Coke and a Smile!
Chillin’ on the Corolla, NC beach in mom’s Tommy Bahama sand chair August 2013














Seriously though, this house was so comfortable, much more so than the property we had been renting for years.  The kids keep talking about going back to that house but this one is bigger, newer, has nicer fixtures, comfier beds and a bigger, nicer pool area.  It’s a secret from the kids but we’re thinking about going there for Christmas this year.  That’s all the present I’d need……And I’d go through all of my Christmas ornaments, picking out the beach-related ones to bring with us, and maybe making some new ones with shells I’ve collected over the years….See?   With that all sketched out in my mind we absolutely have to do it!!  Maybe I’ll do a beach theme tree this year regardless. 

I wish the vacation had been two weeks this year – really was not quite ready to leave but at the same time a little bit anxious to get back home to some good stuff – work projects, ideas for my art business, reconstructing www.fromthecsweet.com, creating the perfect logo, etc. 


The kids still have some summer left to enjoy….I think there are a few more memories left to create before school starts in a month!



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