More From Down The Shore: Slippy

We’re nature lovers.  All of us in our little family are intrigued by nature and especially nature’s little critters.  When we arrived at our “shore house” we were greeted by a ferocious looking spider on a big web next to the front door.  He’s still there – catching moths and repairing his web after every rain.

Slippy the Tree FrogThe other night as we got out of the car to have dinner we noticed a small green frog stuck to the side, sort of tucked away.  He stayed with the  car while we ate and once we got home he showed up again at the side door – sticking to the window.  I fed him a fly I’d swatted earlier.  Seriously, I picked the dead fly up onto the end of a popsicle stick and held it next to the frog and if I’d have blinked I would have missed him zap it up with his froggy tongue and swallow it.  Can you stand it?  I actually hand fed a freshly killed fly to an itty bitty green frog that was stuck to the sliding glass door….

Yesterday we went on the customary shopping trip (for more liquor and) for souvenirs – actually main mission was new skim boards for the kids – more on that later.  When we stopped for gas (at Timbuck II) Slippy our frog buddy was found hidden in the little well with the gas cap.  He startled Jeff as much as Jeff startled him and he hopped under the truck.  No way to retrieve him.  It is hoped by all of us that Slippy jumped up into the underside of the truck somehow and came home with us but chances are probably slim.

Earlier this morning I did spot Tree, who I’m thinking is a small brown toad but no sign of the Slip.  We’d been sort of counting on the fact that Slippy would be with us for the duration but as it is we had three meaningful days.  I’m not counting him 100% out yet but don’t hold out much hope for him to show up.  If you happen to see him near Timbuck II looking for a ride back to Barefoot Path please give the little guy a lift up the road.  It’s not far and you’ll be glad you did.  Alternately, please call me on 571 213 5222 and we’ll come pick him up!

Do NOT, under any circumstances, take Slippy to a French restaurant!!!!


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