I’m Not At The Beach; I’m Down the Shore

In my world going to the beach has always and will always consist of wiggling into my bathing suit, applying sunscreen (always before I get there!), collecting towel, sunglasses, book, hat and beach chair and either walking on down or riding a bike TO THE BEACH. Alternately, getting a few clothes together, all of my bathings suits, finding all of the beach towels and toys, beach chairs, my kite, and a large ziploc bag full of sunscreen, finally, some road trip snacks, a cold drink, and one last trip to the bathroom and we’re headed DOWN THE SHORE.

To say it another way, being here, DOWN THE SHORE, means that we are ensconced in a house we’ve rented for the week or two; being at the beach means that I have sand between my toes.

Going down the shore has been a summer tradition for me for as long as I can remember and has even included nice little day trips and a delicious seafood dinner.  There’s no boardwalk here in Corolla, NC but the go-to shopping location for souvenirs and other beach-y things is called Timbuck II and it’s a reasonable enough facsimile to a boardwalk.

Ocypode quadrata (Atlantic Ghost Crab)
Ocypode quadrata (Atlantic Ghost Crab) (Photo credit: Arthur Chapman)

It’s sort of quaint I know but I still send postcards.  In the old days I’d be down the shore with my mom and my godparents but nowadays they are on my list to receive a postcard whenever I go away on vacation.  The other day I was on the beach and talking to my mom on the phone and I mentioned that I needed to get out to get the customary postcard I send to her each summer.  The one with the picture of the crab on it.  Every year I send the same card with the same sentiment – “found this card and it reminded me so much of you that I had to get it”.  We laugh because the joke is really on me….I have become my mother and admitted it a long time ago, so when I write that the crab card reminded me of her I’m saying that the crab card reminded me of us.  I just love the beach; almost as much as I love my mom.



  1. Love this! I go to the shore & while at the shore, I go to the beach. I totally get this! 😉 love the crab part about you & Fran. XO

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