Hash Tag First World Problem

The main toll plaza of the Dulles Greenway
The main toll plaza of the Dulles Greenway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
View of Route 267 from the Wiehle Avenue exit
View of Route 267 from the Wiehle Avenue exit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

just sayin’…….


Every now and again I’m reminded how many people accidentally “hit” my blog b/c they’re searching on the meaning of each color of a mood ring….talk about some dumb shit, right?  This particular thirst for knowledge could also, I guess, be considered a #FirstWorldProblem ???

Just heard about #FirstWorldProblem (pronounced “hash tag first world problem”.  Silly me, I thought that little tic tac toe thingy was called the “pound sign” b/c that’s what I’ve called it like foreverrrrrr…..why does it need to be a hash tag all of a sudden?

that just reminded me of my friend Joan….we used to say ex-oh, ex-oh, ex-oh to each other all of the time….the old tongue in cheek hugs and kisses….Ha!  Shout out to Joan Lennick Schneider!  LOL

Tic tac toe.
Tic tac toe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ok so when I first heard about this “hash tag first world problem thing” on the The Kane Show  yesterday while driving in to work I thought well that’s really darn tongue in cheek clever, isn’t it?  But I’ll be darned if I can remember the example they used to explain it…why?  because I was too busy thinking up my own example – and since I was on the Dulles Toll Road approaching the main toll plaza I thought CREDIT CARD THAT YOU USE TO FUND YOUR  E-ZPASS HAS EXPIRED AND YOU’RE GETTING A RED LIGHT AS YOU DRIVE THROUGH THE TOLL……This has happened to this girl in real life and it is definitely a problem but in the big scheme I must classify as a “hash tag first world problem”…..

Query:  What would you call the problem when one of  Kim and Kanye‘s four new gold toilets (THAT COST OVER $750,000) overflows?  Would that be a “Hash Tag Zero World Problem”?

I know, I know…..you would call it “Who Gives a Shit” right?  Well if the toilet is overflowing obviously not Kim or Kanye…..IJS!!!

English: Photo of the main toll plaza of the D...
English: Photo of the main toll plaza of the Dulles Toll Road near Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

p.s  Astounded that no photos of gold toilets came up as suggested images for this post….could it be that gold toilets are not something everyone has in their bathroom?????


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