At the office (for a change)

Sunset, Corolla, North Carolina
Sunset, Corolla, North Carolina (Photo credit: sugargliding)
214: Outside
214: Outside (Photo credit: pvera)
English: Currituck Heritage Park, Corolla, NC
English: Currituck Heritage Park, Corolla, NC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Washington Nationals
Washington Nationals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and what do you know, I have plenty to keep me busy.  and for this reason I consider myself to be one lucky girl…..but I haven’t been blogging.  I’ll tell you what I have been doing though.  I’ve been gardening and organizing around the house and making art, and organizing art supplies, and registering for the next Art is You! art retreat in Stamford,CT this October, and looking over the workshop supplies lists for each of the 5 workshops I’m taking and ordering supplies and thinking about what else I’ll need to bring with me from home and thinking about vacation and all of the things I need to get scheduled before we go on the last Saturday in July (to Corolla, NC)….dogs need kennel cough vaccine booster shots before we can kennel them (at Seneca Hill Animal Hospital, RESORT AND SPA!!)

Oh, and I’ve been working some, and I’ve been to PA twice and to a Washington Nationals baseball game and out to lunch with the fam and while ALL of this stuff is going on I’ve been taking power walks nearly every day and loving them and in the background my ADDiva brain has been knowing that I need to update this whole blog thang and make it more of a website for myself and my art in addition to my sweet blog…….got all that?  Good because I have another 30 minutes of work to get done in the next ten….LOL



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