Stunning Roses

It's a Marvelous Night, Bronx, NY
It’s a Marvelous Night, Bronx, NY (Photo credit: Grufnik)
Peonies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rose (Photo credit: steam_rocket)
Moondance (Van Morrison song)
Moondance (Van Morrison song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stunning Roses

Found this pitcher at The Closet the other day. Placemat too–because I thought they complemented my Polish pottery. Cleared that messy counter that makes me crazy and then had to cut some roses to fill. The pink one is Jackson & Perkins “Heaven On Earth” and the white – “Moondance”.  I originally bought the “Heaven On Earth” rose because I loved the fullness of it – so full they resemble peonies when they’re fully open….and I do so love peonies. I bought the “Moondance” roe after seeing it at


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