Gardening in the Rain

ImageYesterday I intended to put the new flowers I’d just bought into my 3 hanging baskets for the front porch and call it a day with the gardening b/c I had a few other things to do.  I sunscreened up and went out and the sun promptly went it.  It sprinkled on me a few times while I was out there and in between the sun came out.  Four hours later I had the hanging baskets planted, front bed cleaned and annuals planted, strawberry pot filled with wild strawberry plants I found, and a few things transplanted here and there – even did some pruning on my favorite rosebush (the Walt Disney) and then got everything watered. Next I got myself showered and Tylenol’d up, poured myself a large glass of sweet tea and settled in to enjoy the view —Image

Was happy that my son’t end of school year pool party had been postponed until this Wednesday afternoon because I just think Wednesday is a better day for the event than Sunday.  Then a strange thing happened at almost exactly 4:30 p.m. which is the start time for the pool party the rain came pouring down in buckets and continued well past the 6:30 pool party end time.  Thank goodness they’d already planned for this rain date.

This morning I checked in with all of my new plants and they’re extremely happy about the soaking they got yesterday on top of me watering them.  So satisfying to have that all done so we can all enjoy them!!


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