Post-Prom Extravaganza

English: A chocolate birthday cake

and I don’t even have a kid going to this prom, much less a senior at this school, much less a kid at this school, much less a kid of high school age, much less live in this school district, much less live in this state….LOL  I am crazy but helping out a friend who’s in charge of the FOOD for a senior post-prom event at Garnet Valley High School in Pennsylvania.  Right now I’m at the office – 10:00 meeting got pushed to 11 so I had an hour to myself to gulp down my breakfast and enjoy my coffee.  I’m here until 1:00 then off to Costco to buy more berries and chocolate and stop at Wegman’s to get the Mr. a birthday cake.   Today is the b’day and we’re  celebrating with the kids since I’ll be gone most of the long weekend.

pulled pork fixin’s already in crockpot – yay!
Then when I get home I have to do some laundry, pack, clean out my car, load my car, take Kate to soccer practice, sing happy birthday, make more chocolate covered strawberries then get myself to bed at a decent hour so I can leave early tomorrow morning.
just talked to Shawn and apparently I’m assigned specific jobs the whole time I’m at this post prom event – yuck – I thought I could roam about freely helping out here and there but it’s a big production apparently – think papal visit or presidential inauguration ….royal wedding perhaps and I have been assigned three different jobs in different time frames so I don’t get bored spending the whole time in the kitchen, for example.  Also assigned with someone I know I will have fun with.  I even have an official volunteer t-shirt to wear that goes along with the theme of the event…there are 30+ food volunteers alone and maybe 500 kids total attending this prom so yeah I guess it is a big endeavor but apparently I’m to be prepared to be “blown away” by the magnitude of this whole affair that has been in the works since last August…..stay tuned for pictures and stories

English: Girl in prom dress, USA, 1950s.
English: Girl in prom dress, USA, 1950s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
.  What gorgeous drapes, no?  NO!!!


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