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Jackson in the music video for "Dirty Dia...
Jackson in the music video for “Dirty Diana”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just discovered an hilarious website called Gizoogle that translates anything written into gangsta slang….here’s my post from the other day “Back in Fighting Form” translated with Gizoogle… well as the comment that followed….Enjoy!

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From last Saturday, 5-11-13:  First dizzle I’ve felt close ta human up in over a week – shinglez medz is finished n’ side effects is GONE!  Although I be thinkin I may have a ear infection on top of dat whole mess.

I ventured up ta pick up Jackson’s asthma medication n’ also a gift card fo’ a jam he’ll be goin ta later – n’ finishin dat up I realized, hey, I don’t feel all dat pimped out….just mo’ betta n’ shit.  I’m straight-up thankful fo’ better, btw.  I strutted outside Target n’ just sat down on a funky-ass bench vs. rushin back ta tha car. Shiiit, dis aint no joke.  I decided I just needed ta sit fo’ all dem secs n’ be thinkin bout what tha fuck ta do next n’ decided I needed chicken n’ you know I be eatin up dat shizzle all muthafuckin day, biatch. I be fly as a gangbangin’ falcon, soarin all up in tha sky dawwwwg!  I can’t reach tha fam so I’m goin it alone….(wishin I had some gangbangin company tho).

In tha vibe fo’ a funky-ass burger I took mah dirty ass ta Outback but ordered a sick salad wit some grilled salmon on top instead….how awfully healthy of me, no, biatch? Sippin mah iced chronic n’ waitin on mah salad I realized dat dis straight-up has been a lil’ bit of another rough patch fo’ me – what tha fuck wit gettin shinglez again, heat on mah dirty ass ta put up in at least 20 hours/week at work, if not more, n’ tha demandz of a needy playa who, since I jotted these notes down last week, has turned straight-up shitty on mah dirty ass.

Anyway, all up in tha time of tha salmon salad lunch n’ tha original gangsta scribblin I was feelin straight-up glad dat I felt better, acknowledgin dat I’m still not 100% n’ bustin a thugged-out deal wit mah dirty ass ta be aiiight wit dat yo, but all up in tha same time vowin ta come back fightin over tha next few weeks!

and I did drag mah dirty ass ta tha crib even tha minutes I didn’t straight-up gotta be there – n’ I’m glad I did n’ I’m bustin it again n’ again n’ again next week, n’ tha week afta that, n’ tha week afta that, and…..

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