Isn’t it Ironic?

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I love irony….what I mean is that I appreciate irony; irony amuses me. The other day I had a few things going on that inspired me to write about things ironic going on in my daily life but when I went to leave this prompt for myself I’d forgotten all but one – but it’s a good one.

Friday:  Kids have tae kwon do lesson and based on the new class schedule/format they are to be sparring but did not take sparring gear.  So they had to sit out that part ofclass

Saturday:  As I dropped off my son for his football game he put his iPhone in my handbag and I told him that he wouldn’t be getting it back until I got home from his sister’s soccer game.  End of 3rd quarter of soccer game and my phone rings….son is calling from home to see if  there’s enough time for me to drive home from Ashburn to Potomac Falls to get his phone to him and then drive back to Ashburn to get his sister from her game…..Hello?  Hello?  I thought you just asked me to drive all the way home during her game to get your phone to you….

It wasn’t until a few days later I found out that part about the sparring gear.  So here’s the deal – they didn’t think to call me to bring their sparring gear to them a 1/2 mile away and yet he calls to ask if I’ll drive 12 miles home to take him his phone – 12 miles back to the soccer field to get her – 12 miles home again….AND MISS THE END OF THE GAME!!!

Perhaps I made a mistake when I told him if you don’t ask it’s an automatic no???


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