The Creative (ADD) Process

The other day I talked to my friend (and fellow Widener alum) Lou on the drive home from work and one of the things we talked about was our thought, or creative process.  By “our” I mean those of us who are adults and aware that we have ADD.  It’s not the ADD that’s the point of this post, nor is the creative process specifically.  It’s just that Lou does some of his best thinking with a cigar in one hand and a pen in the other outside by his fire pit while gazing at the stars.  While he’s out there he’s writing down his thoughts as they just flow uninterruptedly .  I totally get that.  I get that because I have discovered that I have two ways of thinking.  The more obvious one is the way I think about things as things are happening and I need or want to react and/or respond to them. But it’s the second way I think that is my creative process and in order for this to occur I need quiet.  

Now a quiet room or quiet outside surroundings are great – like the icing on the cake, great – but in order for this cake to get baked in the first place my mind mut be quiet.  I need the kind of mind-quiet that sets up the rare and beautiful experiences I’e had when talking to God–heart to heart type talking to God.

What I’ve learned as I’ve moved along in my spiritual journey and my yoga practice (I wanted to mention the yoga even though I don’t consider the spiritual journey and the yoga practice to be mutually exclusive) is that since I’m aware of this quiet and the benefit that comes out of it I can intentionally seek out and best of all FIND the mind quiet.  Now, as I reflect on this life lesson I find it intriguing that all the while I was being quite successful at going after my goals and reaching personal and professional milestones I was always searching for something.  I didn’t know what the something was though until I found it–go figure.  So right now I’m here outside of my church with my sketch book and my markers and realize I’m at the cool, must sought-after yet often out of reach mind-quiet place that allows me to be in touch with myself and my Life Source (God) and I’m taking the opportunity to write about it and maybe do a little sketching after.  Here’s a photo of the original writing in my sketch book….Image



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