Back in Fighting Form

From last Saturday, 5-11-13:  First day I’ve felt close to human in over a week – shingles meds are finished and side effects are GONE!  Although I think I may have an ear infection on top of that whole mess.  

I ventured out to pick up Jackson’s asthma medication and also a gift card for a party he’ll be going to later – and finishing that up I realized, hey, I don’t feel all that great….just better.  I’m really thankful for better, btw.  I walked outside Target and just sat down on a bench vs. rushing back to the car.  I decided I just needed to sit for a few secs and think about what to do next and decided I needed food.  I can’t reach the fam so I’m going it alone….(wishing I had some loving company tho).

In the mood for a burger I took myself to Outback but ordered a nice salad with some grilled salmon on top instead….how awfully healthy of me, no? Sipping my iced tea and waiting on my salad I realized that this really has been a bit of another rough patch for me – what with getting shingles again, pressure on myself to put in at least 20 hours/week at work, if not more, and the demands of a needy friend who, since I jotted these notes down last week, has turned hostile on me.   

Anyway, at the time of the salmon salad lunch and the original scribbling I was feeling really glad that I felt better, acknowledging that I’m still not 100% and making a deal with myself to be ok with that, but at the same time vowing to come back fighting over the next few weeks!

and I did drag myself to the office even the days I didn’t absolutely have to be there – and I’m glad I did and I’m doing it again next week, and the week after that, and the week after that, and….. 



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