From the “Bad Blogger Couch”

I realize I’ve been a very bad blogger over the past month or so and I have a reason, not an excuse.  I’ve been under the weather and have just not felt much like writing.  On a positive note I have been painting and drawing and submitting new artwork to my gallery on deviantArt  .  No one wants to hear the details about what was ailing me so let’s just say it was the return of an issue I’ve had before and the medicine made me dizzy and nauseous this time so I was feeling like ass for the better part of 2 weeks.

Now I’m back to work, back to my blog, back in the game and I have loads to do.  Having a friend go through the process of getting a house ready to put up for sale has kept me moving despite the illness.  So inspired by friend, whenever I had a little energy I cleaned out a cupboard or a drawer or shampooed a carpet or whatever.  Now I’m feeling better and I have lots more to do…and a few draft blog posts to get back to – see I wasn’t totally asleep at the wheel….



  1. I’ve never heard of before but need to check it out ASAP! <3 How cool that you can upload your own work onto merchandise. I love creative ideas like that. Thanks for sharing and your bag is really cute!

    • Glad I could turn you on to Zazzle and thank you very much…..I will have to send you the link to the skirt that I designed with another one of my paintings as the pattern…..gorgeous silk pencil skirt in my Weeping Roses design (Fuschia)

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