The Worst of Times is the Best of Times

redbud behind dogwood looking out my kitchen window at the just-blooming dogwood tree that stands in front of a blooming eastern redbud tree, feeling like I have a dreaded “summer cold” I realize that my most favorite spring blooming time is the absolute worst allergy time of the year for me.

sometimes life is funny like that isn’t it?  after reading the list of ingredients on what had been my 2nd line of allergy defense (an orange flavored melt in your mouth over the counter med called Alavert) contains the dreaded ingredient aspartame (to which I am allergic) I opted yesterday for some daytime cold medicine and it worked like a charm.  hence, my thought that maybe I actually do have a little bit of a cold vs. just suffering from severe seasonal allergies.  my eyes aren’t itching, they’re actually sore, my nasal passages feel like their positively dried out and it feels sore in there too, don’t get me started on the post nasal drip keeping me up at night for the past week and a half.

maybe in the future I will plan a nice long beach vacation away from this north-southeast coastal area I live in and enjoy the blossoms from afar.  i guess some people would just move away to a different climate but this discomfort is rather temporary and moving away from my problems is really just not the way I roll.

still, it’s interesting to me how something that even something seemingly innocuous that you really love could actually do you a little damage but you wouldn’t give it up.  i guess it would follow then that some things we love that do us far more damage are just as difficult to let go.


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