FTWD Gathers Firewood…for himself

FTWD Gathers Firewood...for himself

actually, it was Kate who gathered some twigs for my firepit. I’d asked her to do this b/c it’s nice to have it ready or nearly ready to light when I’m in the mood to sit out on my patio enjoying the night air. she didn’t get many but she got a few and I broke them up to fit under the screen cover of the pit….ready for a few broken boards from recent tae kwon do testing? nice fire. just now I noticed the cover askew and twigs strewn about the patio in much smaller pieces. obviously

Fernando the Wonder Dog
Fernando the Wonder Dog

Fernando the Wonder Dog thinks that this is an appetizer tray for HIM and he nudges the cover aside and takes out the twigs to chew up.  I left the lovely patch of dirt with a little grass growing on it to illustrate what owning a Wonder Dog like Fernando does to a nice grassy back yard.  I would advise you not to try this at home, btw…..

Notice the tell-tale paw print in  the lower right corner?  He’s such a nice dog……Pawprint at the scene (of missing kindling from the fire pit)

Pawprint at the scene (of missing kindling from the fire pit)


    • well when the kids first started out in TKD we couldn’t throw them away…..that lasted until we accumulated ..let’s say, quite a bit….LOL they really do make a nice fire – glad you enjoy my Fernando stories….he makes me nuts but I love him

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