Easter Greetings, I’m No One’s Fool!

Growing up we always called this Day Easter Monday.  This year Easter Monday coincides with April Fool’s Day which I hadn’t thought about at all until I was in my car around 11:00 a.m. driving to a meeting and heard it mentioned on the radio.  Further, no one at the office has mentioned it at all and no one, so far, has tried to pull one over on me.  Has all the fun gone out of April Fool’s Day???  (that’s mostly tongue in cheek – I was never a huge fan of AFD).

Last week was Spring Break for my kids….Spring Break, ok?  Well back in the day we used to call the week before Easter “Holy Week” and if I recall correctly, we had off school on “Holy” Thursday (aka the day we commemorate the Last Supper, when Christ instituted the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders, and was betrayed by one of his apostles (and you think I’m a busy girl, right?) and we had off on Good Friday – if you don’t know what happens on this day I’m not going to be the one to tell ya – and then we also had off for Easter Monday. I’m really not sure of the significance of Easter Monday off the top of my head but thinking about it now I would guess it would be to give the priest and nuns a day off from four days of intense religious services including inhaling much incense and an unimaginable number of repetitions of the “sit, stand, kneel, stand, genuflect, stand” drill.

Back to Spring Break.  OK, I can get with the times and call it Spring Break.  From my own HR standpoint I can see how it gives the teachers another nice long break they can plan for since taking time off at random interrupts their flow in the classroom, etc. and is a nice benefit for them to have time to plan with their own families, etc.

But here’s my thing…..the thing now is for people to expect that you’re going away on vacation for Spring Break.  Well excuse me but I grew up in a household where my mom cleaned her ass off down to waxing all of the hardwood floors (which were throughout the house), food shopping, cooking, stopping in at Church at at various times, visiting the cemetery to put flowers on family graves, dying eggs, and sharing time with family.

When I hit the college years Spring Break was (at least at my East Coast school) the week we had off from college classes (and no one else had off for any reason) and we got ourselves to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in any manner we could possibly manage – stayed 8 or more to a hotel room, maybe saw the beach one day, attended Happy Hour at The Button religiously, and made a few memories to piece together when sober…..

The first semester I was teaching at Georgetown University (in the evening) a part time (adult) student asked for more time to hand in the research paper b/c it was “Spring Break” next week.  I said “you work for the DC govt, you’re not off next week, where are you going? and Hell no, you are not getting an extension”  Now that I’ve had more experience of course I’d add “feel free to hand in your paper early and then take yourself on Spring Break!”  LOL

And no, my kids are NOT deprived – one or both parents is usually off for the entire week so they’re not in camp or with a babysitter and we have FUN times around the house and go on the occasional day trip – last year was big fun at Monticello – this year was a staycation…..and the kids actually do have some level of understanding that b/c we have 3 large and active dogs we cannot just take off for overnighters or longer at a moment’s notice and that each time we do that it costs extra b/c we have to kennel the dogs, etc.

But back to the point – Last week I worked some but mostly took off and that was mostly b/c I was not that busy.  I could have done some research and legitimately billed some hours but I opted not to.  Instead I did a little cleaning, a little gardening, a little decorating, Easter meal food shopping, dyed eggs with the kids, cooked a fab Easter dinner, and went to Mass.  The other stuff I did was mostly art-related.  I did several new drawings, explored more deeply into the world of collage but checking out the work of others on deviant.ART.com to mine for ideas.  Here are some photos of my favorite Easter/Spring flower – purple hyacinth (which I had to have in the house for a day or two even though I’m horribly allergic.  To me, the scent is HEAVENLY!); photo of 90% of my drawings and collages in plastic sleeves and laid out on the floor to arrange in groupings for potential art show or gallery purposes; and finally, a close-up of the framed original Heartfelt Thanks, which you’ve all seen a million times on my blog and facebook page and elsewhere.

I get so many compliments on it that I’ve ordered note cards with this image on the front – they’re quite nice by the way and anyone can order prints of my work or notecards, or postcards, and a few other things by going to http://thecsweet.deviantart.com/

That’s all for now – missed you Sweeties!!

Purple Hyacinth for Easter
Purple Hyacinth for Easter
My collage/painting entitled "Heartfelt Thanks" framed in a gold wooden frame.
My collage/painting entitled “Heartfelt Thanks” framed in a gold wooden frame.
My drawings
My drawings

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