Update #2: I Hope The Kids Are As Excited About This As I Am!

Feather duster, dustpan and broom, and upright...
Feather duster, dustpan and broom, and upright vacuum cleaner in one picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it took a good long while but the sweet babies did take a closer look at the list of chores and each picked out a few chores they were in the mood to handle over the weekend.  I think my sweet son did more than one chore and I haven’t paid up yet but I can tell you that despite having listed the locations of all of the trashcans I wanted emptied he missed the two in the basement AND was quite disinterested when I advised him of his omission.  Baby steps here.  At least they didn’t come to me demanding cash when I had none on a day when I had no intention of going anywhere to get some.  We will be settling up soon though b/c I want to give them incentive to keep at it.  I had LOW expectations in the first place and their chosing to do one or two chores per WEEK falls nicely into the range of those LOW expectations.  Maybe once the money starts rolling in the momentum will pick up.  At the rate they’re going I’ll be able to pay them from the proceeds from the WordAds on my page here, lol….I’ve got that first $10 in my sights, I tell you!!


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