Update: I Hope The Kids Are As Excited About This As I Am!

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Hi Sweet Followers,

I’m sad but not surprised to report that the kids were decidedly NOT as excited as I am about the chores list with associated payments.  Not surprised b/c I know that my dear son still have a few dollars in his wallet.  I mainly created the list to have handy for the next time he approaches me about doing work around the house for money–my expectations were low that he would run through the list doing all the work so that he could get paid right away.

My daughter, on the other hand, readily helps out when asked oh about 98% of the time without asking for payment.  I’m pretty confident that if I approached her about doing one or more of the chores that I wanted to see done sooner rather than later she’d do them and I’d pay her. Actually, I’m going to try that with each of them at some point this week.

My other thought is that once they see how easily they can get these things done – even doing them the “right way” i.e. my way, won’t take very long on a per/job basis – they’ll get with the program.

That’s the report from the first weekend with the job list….I made them each a copy and put in page protectors and everything, LOL.  Those lists are NOT going away.


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