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English: Picture of a beam in the Guinness Sto...
English: Picture of a beam in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Taken by me on 22 May 2007. Text reads, “Everyone’s Irish on March 17th”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is, Piss-Poor Performance at Dunkin Donuts….Last night, Friday March 15 after noticing the huge sign advertising Irish Cream doughnuts,  I popped on in to get some “for the kids.”  Now here in the US we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow March 17.  We love to celebrate holidays and when the holiday occurs over a weekend it’s the absolute best because, for example, St. Patrick’s Day becomes St. Patrick’s weekend.  So you’re with me now – this is the Friday of a St. Patrick’s “weekend” and St. Patrick’s Day is the day when “everyone is Irish” and I’m about to walk into Dunkin Donuts at about 7:30 p.m.  to get some of their, presumably made especially because it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Irish Cream doughnuts.

There were none.  That’s it, that’s all, there were none.  Not, we just ran out and fresh ones will be ready in a few minutes; not I can whip up a batch for you if you’d like to wait (as if they’d ever say that, LOL).

So here’s my deal on this I am at my local  DD, which is 2 doors away from the Tiger Den martial arts studio, that is 2 doors away from the little Italian restaurant where d my fundraising meeting for little leaue.  Counting the Italian restaurant there are 3 restaurants that serve alcohol. One of the three is a sports bar actually.  Ok, now I’ll make one more connection heree and then I’ll be presenting my point……a key St.  Patrick’s Day (or in this case weekend) is drinking.  People frequently enjoy an adult beve$200. rage whle dining a restaura Friday before St. nt, people often head out of work on Fridays and go to bars – without passing GO or collecting $200.

People who’ve enjoyd a few adult beverages a are often in festive moods afterwards, especially with a holiiday weekend already underway.  So here’s my thing – wouldn’t it make a whole lot of sense to have at least a tray of IRISH CREAM doughnuts on hand while the store is open????  Apparently, at this store not so much….

Glanbia, principal cream supplier to Baileys I...

I asked “Will you have some tomorrow?”   DD guy replied “Yes, we’ll have them tomorrow.”  I decided I’d go back this morning and get my coffee there as well as getting the doughnuts.

Since I hadn’t remembered about getting the doughnuts immediately upon waking I sort of groaned while noticing that it was already  9:30.  There would surely be some kinda line at DD’s.  Sure enough, the line was to the door – not a big deal ng since after all, how long does it take to serve up a coffee  and one or more doughnuts.

Once in line I perused the doughnut assortment looking for the Irish Creams.  There were none labeled as such but  I did espy an unmarked tray that appeared to resemble the ones on pictured on the poster.  Next, I perused everyone in the store to see what kind doughnuts they were  carrying.  I let out a little sigh as I saw no one with doughnuts resembling the Irish Creams.  When it was my turn I ordered a half dozen Irish Creams and a large black coffee.

Problem #2 – this is not the first time this has happened to me – they have sort of an assembly line, screen system at DD’s and the problem with that is if no one down the line is looking at the screen and getting the coffees then, well, again you’re screwed.  I watched the dude getting four coffees ready, creaming and sugaring them and then he went back to a register to take another order…..and I said to myself “Well, I’ll be damned if he’s going to make a large with 2 sugars and skim milk, an extra large with skim milk, etc. etc. while I was still waiting for my large black coffee.”  I hate when I have to prompt them to complete my order, I really do.  I think I’d rather skip the Irish Creams next time and head on down to the Starbucks with the drive-thru and get a venti skinny vanilla latte.  I’ll pay twice as much but they’ll have what I want and they’ll be paying attention when I order it!

Note related article on drunken Irish Potatoes below……i am out of damn Bailey’s at the moment….what to do – make Sober Irish Potatoes, run out for Bailey’s, make macaroons today and then Irish Potatoes when I re-stock the liquor cabinet?  hmmmmm…..


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