I Hope The Kids Are As Excited About This As I Am!

English: This is a picture of a stiff whisk br...
English: This is a picture of a stiff whisk broom, a gentle scrubber sponge and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth to symbolize stages of cleaning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was talking with a friend from the neighborhood earlier this week and she gave me a great idea for getting the kids to do more around the house while satisfying their desire to earn a little pocket money.  While I was on a conference call just now I created a spreadsheet with a list of “Jobs” with instructions and prices attached.  Now I have a handy list to pull out, or hopefully they’ll take to this list like bees to honey, and I won’t be on the spot to give them “work” to earn a dollar or five.

I came up with a dozen or so things that need doing every week and that I do myself as I get to them – dealing with the recycling, all the mail that accumulates, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping front porch, emptying all trash cans in various rooms, under desks, etc….it’s all on there.  The rules are that no one gets paid for any work from the list unless all daily and weekly personal responsibilities are taken care of – there are only a few of those – pick up dirty laundry, put clean laundry away, feed dogs, empty dishwasher, etc. AND the work must be done neatly and completely.

They’re either going to love it or hate it…..not sure which.  Actually if I had to predict I’d say they will be enthusiastic through one pass through the list and after getting paid for doing each thing once it’ll be Adios chores!

They’ll be home in two hours – the list is printed – 1 copy for each!  LOL  Fun times!



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