My New Thing – Art-wise

art journal fix
art journal fix (Photo credit: creativelenna)

Today I got up, had a little coffee and brekkie, threw in a load of laundry and sat down in my “studio”.  I made four sets of art journal pages – sets because they’re similar, yet different.  Painted a small canvas with pussywillows and daffodils and started another canvas with an abstract background similar to a set of the art journal pages.

Next step is to collage on the art journal pages and then doodle and write a bit.  They’re dry now, I can get started after Kate’s black belt seminar.

I love that these pages are prepped and I can create on them later…..I also love that all but 2 loads of laundry are done…..well they’re washed and dried.  But all will be folded and put away before this weekend ends.  That’s the new law in this town, LOL.

The idea with the art journal pages – these are bigger than my other drawings journal – is that I will create pairs of collages and paintings, mat some, maybe also frame some, and develop a sort of inventory.

The next idea I had, Shawn I know you’ll be reading this….is to have a little wine and cheese reception and show my work next time I’m in Pennsylvania for a weekend.  I could pull a whole lot together in four weeks.  What do you say girlfriend – can we have a little art show at your house on the 6th??

English: Laundry is hung to dry above an Itali...
English: Laundry is hung to dry above an Italian street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    • It’s so much fun!! Beware – buying/collecting art supplies can be addictive, LOL. There are also ways to make your own art journal using found items like cardboard from cereal boxes, etc. I love collecting “stuff” to use in collage like buttons, interesting papers, sheet music, etc.

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